Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Welcome to my Disney Blog. I have started this Blog because the Family and I are Disney Mad and we want to share the build up to our next trip to Disney.
I am going to be posting pictures of our vacations from the past couple of years and will be looking forward to the plans we make for our 2010 trip. We are also hoping for tips on the parks, resorts, dining, photo opportunities, quite spots or anything else that will make this Holiday even more special for us.
This will be our third trip to Disney but is our first trip with just our family.
We have been together for 10 years and until 2007 we had never had a Vacation anywhere, we hadn't even considered one. Now we have been to Florida and to WDW its all we think about and every spare penny we have gets saved for it. We have even sold our car so we can save that much quicker!

As we are new to blogging I am hoping it won't take to long to get the hang of it but only time will tell on that. So please stay tuned so we can share it all with you.
Have a Magical Day


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