Sunday, 20 September 2009

Our 2007 Vacation.

Our 2007 Vacation to Disney World was our very First Vacation, we had never been away from home before. We really never thought about going on holiday, we were to busy starting our family and setting up home to think about going on holiday.

We were very nervous in the whole travelling thing, taking 3 young children to the other side of the world really scared us! We booked 1 night in All Star Music, and 15 nights in All Star Movies. I don't know why we booked in at two resorts but thats what we did. We were under the guidance of Gemma's sister who goes to Disney about twice a year but that was our biggest mistake! I won't go into the bad advice she gave too much but lets say what she told us wasn't always accurate!

We left the UK on the 21st September but travelled up to Gatwick Airport the night before catching the last train. We arrived at the airport at 1am and had to wait around until 11am when we were due to take off. It was a long night but the kids were great and when we look back it just added to the whole experience and did it the same way the following year.

Gemma had flown before so it doesn't bother her and the kids love it, I just hate it! However the journey is easier on the way to Florida as we are going to the 'Happiest place on Earth' so it makes it all worth while.

When we Landed and got off the plane the heat just hits you and we were stupidly wearing Jeans which didn't help. So with not having any sleep for the past 30 plus hours and sweating our Butts off we try to find our way out of the Airport. We find ourselves having to follow the crowds as the info we were given before we left was wrong! No one mentioned we had to get on the Monorail like train that takes you to the main airport so we were panicking but it turned out ok and we managed to get to the Magical Express to take us to the Resort.
We arrived at All Star Music and checked in. We were so tired we really can't remember alot about the checkin. We went to the Food Court and got some dinner and then crashed out!

We slept for about 12 hours, nothing would of woke us, we were out for the count!

The next day we checked out of All Star Music and then walked across the street to All Star Movies. We stayed at the LoveBug building top floor. The kids thought it was great because Herbie was right outside our room and in front of him was a water fountain thing. They loved this and got wet everytime we walked past it. We found ASMovies to be great. The kids loved the pool and the Food court. Our room was great to. It faced Herbie and when you woke up in the morning you could see everyone going to get there breakfast and all the Cast members going about there jobs.

(Picture on the Left shows our room, top floor by the heart)
On our first full day at WDW we were off to The Magic Kingdom.

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